Travel Pole Conversion Kit

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The Travel Pole Conversion kit is one of my favourite tools, it uses a 1.9- 3.3 metre Harris Telescopic Roller Extension Pole, with the Painter Poles TOP HAT HEAD, a Base Rotator and a new Hotshoe Remote/Level Combo Ring.

The Harris Pole can be picked up at any DIY store such as B&Q, Click here for more information.

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3D Printed to order

The Components of the Kit

Base Rotator with 90 Degrees Click Stops for 4 around shooting with Sigma 8mm, Markings every 45 Degrees for 8 around shooting.

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Push fits onto the pole to give the Rotation uses oversize bearing for smooth operation.
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The 'Top Hat' Converter Head

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The Travel Pole Kit uses the same standard TOP HAT HEAD as the Large Pole kit

If you are thinking of buying both kits then only one head will be supplied in our MASTER POLE KIT BUNDLE

Pole Hot Shoe Remote and Level Combo Ring

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Easy one handed Triggering of Shutter and Rotation (Please note no Remote is supplied, we use a Hahnel Remote Trigger which has a Hotshoe Mount)
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MASTER POLE KIT (Both Large Pole & Travel Pole Kits)
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