Painters Pole to Pano Pole Conversion Kit

The Painters Pole to Pano Pole Conversion kit was designed as a low cost solution to the expensive Pano Poles.
Many photographers may only have one or two projects where a Pole system is needed, this conversion kit turns a £15 Painters Pole into a great low cost Pano Pole.

The system is based around a £15.98 Harris Performance 5mtr Pole but any pole with a 32mm diameter bottom section will do. The Tripod used is a Manfrotto O55 Pro but again any tripod with a 28mm centre column will work. You will get away with slightly smaller or slightly larger diameters but may require a bit of padding with some electrical tape if the clamps are too small.

The Harris Pole can be picked up at any DIY store such as B&Q, Click here for more information.

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3D Printed to order in a choice of colours!

Each set is 3D printed to order and may take up to 10 days to produce from ordering. Due to the nature of 3D printing some pieces may differ slightly but this is completely normal and will not effect the operation of the product. I have several years experience designing and printing 3D parts and each piece has been designed and made for strength, hence why some of the pieces used take over 3 hours to print.

Each piece is solid ABS for strength and your kit can be a colour of your choice. I recommend a colour rather than black as they print nicer and its a purer ABS composite, black tends to be made up with the offcuts from the colours and doesn't print as nice as the colours.

The 12 Components of the Kit

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The 'Top Hat' Converter Head

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This is the business end, you replace the standard Painters Pole Head with the new 'Top Hat', it comes with both standard 1/4" and 3/8" threads to take any kind of head or camera.

Use it on it's own as a quick and dirty Pole System or build your Pole system with the component parts.

Will fit any Painters Pole.

The 'Top Hat Bearing'

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Fits around the 'Top Head' for when using Guy Ropes to prevent tangling. (The pole can move without moving the Guy Ropes)

The Bearing 'UFO' Cover

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Fits on top of the Bearing with three hooks to attach Guy Ropes

The Rotation Marker and Level Clamp

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Clamps around the pole to give exact 90 degree rotation markings, align with the Arrow Fixed to the tripod thread.

The Arrow Alignment Marker

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Pushes onto the Tripod Thread to give a indicator for the Rotation Marker to Align with

The Base Support Clamp

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This is the Bottom most clamp and the Pole rests in the recess to stop it moving down when being rotated.

The Pole Clamps x 2

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Two Pole Clamps, clamp both the Tripod Centre Column and the Pole, Designed to allow a slight give so you can rotate the pole smoothly whilst being clamped tightly.
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Totally Modular, built for any upgrades and in a choice of colours!

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Industrial strength fabrication

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Minutes to fit!

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Simple 360 markers!

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Designed and built

in the UK by Matt Kaye

Example Panos ... (more coming soon!)...Click Pic for interactive

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