The Tri Level

The All New Tri Level for
Handheld Pano Shooting

The Tri-Level features three Levels in one nifty hotshot mount.

Centre Level is at 0 degrees, then the two outside levels are mounted at -7.5 and +7.5 so you can vary the Up / Down whilst shooting Handheld, this will cover the Zenith and Nadir on the fly with certain Camera / lens configurations.

If you only shoot at one tilt angle consider the Larger F-Bomb level

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Three Levels in One, Instant tilt indicators at -7.5, 0, +7.5 degrees, fits any hotshoe! Super Lightweight ABS construction

Fits Any Hotshoe, +7.5 degree, 0 degree, -7.5 degree Levels in one Tri Level
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