EzSphere Mobile Phone Mini Streetview Pano Head

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This is really neat!

My Super EzSphere will hold your mobile device in correct alignment for easy panorama taking with the new Streetview App.

Super quick to set up, use it on a Monopod to rotate the sphere and quickly and accurately build your sphere and publish straight to Google Maps!

This is a working concept and I am limiting purchases to a minimum as it’s being constant modified. so what you will receive may be slightly different to these prototype pics, but whatever I end up modifying you can be guaranteed it will be for the best.
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3D Printed to order : Now includes new mobile selfie stick holder and telescopic handle

Robust industrial 10mm thick aluminium bracing frame

20mm thick industrial 3D Printed ABS connecting parts.

Adjustable Sliding Bottom Rail to align the lens of the mobile with the centre of the pano head.

Full -90 +90 tilting head to capture all the Zenith and Nadir

Adjustable Mobile device holder for any mobile device up to 90mm wide

Designed and built by Matt Kaye in the UK
UK Google Streetview Trusted Photographer no.7

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Double Tripod Mount : Standard Tripod Thread and Built in Arca Swiss Foot
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Use it on a fluid pan head or go mobile with simple monopod set up
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Multi position tilting head
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Head holds in any position, simple adjustable tension screw
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Use it on a monopod, Tripod with a cheap 360 fluid head for easy shooting.
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High quality build, Aluminium, Steel and ABS. Totally modular, user replaceable parts.
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Check a full spherical EzSphere Pano taken with the Samsung Galaxy. Shot, stitched and ready for uploading to Google Streetview in less than 4 minutes
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